At Helen Paul Kindergarten, we look forward to getting to know our families.  Your involvement and commitment is essential for the kindergarten to operate successfully.  There are many ways parents and carers can get involved including:

Joining the Committee

Parents and carers can become involved in the decision-making process and operation of the kindergarten by joining the committee.  Participating in the committee is a great opportunity to become involved in the running of the kindergarten while meeting parents in the local community. For further detail please see Our Committee page.

Helping in the Class

Parents and carers are requested to help in the class two times per term.  This gives parents and carers the opportunity to see the children at play and participate in the program.  Assisting in class includes preparing fruit for snack time, reading to the children, baking or sharing a special skill or interest. 

Helping with Fundraising

We have a variety of fundraising activities throughout the year and welcome your participation.  It’s a great way to have fun and raise money at the same time. Fundraising through events is very important at Helen Paul Kindergarten as it helps to cover a percentage of our running costs, purchase new equipment, new resources and upgrade facilities.

Participating in a Working Bee

At Helen Paul Kindergarten, we operate four working bees per year to maintain and upgrade our equipment and facilities.  There is a maintenance levy of $100 per year, which is refunded to parents/carers after participating in one working bee per year.


Further information can be found in our Parent Handbook.