Program Information

We operate an indoor/outdoor play based program at Helen Paul Kindergarten with an emergent curriculum, as it respects and supports the ways children learn best.  This reflects sound research that children learn best through play and by engaging in experiences that interest them.  Our kindergarten values sustained and purposeful play and our program is guided by the National Early Years Learning Framework, and the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework.

At Helen Paul Kindergarten, we provide the children with an environment in which they feel they belong – are accepted and valued – to interact with, and influence in their own unique ways, a comfortable and safe place to continue developing their identities.  For our whole kinder community – children, parents, friends, relatives and staff – our goal is to have a warm, welcoming environment as a starting point for the children’s care and education.

Our priority is the wellbeing of every child at our kindergarten.  We aim to develop each child’s skills and abilities to foster continued love of learning and confidence in themselves as capable individuals. 

At Helen Paul Kindergarten, we value times of calm and stillness for children to gaze, wonder and reflect, balanced with the introduction of new ideas, stimulating experiences and inviting materials to inspire and engage the children’s hearts, minds and bodies.  We believe that valuable ideas and questions can spring from times of stillness.

We understand that children learn and express themselves in different ways.  At Helen Paul Kindergarten, we provide experiences to encourage children to use all their senses and we employ various learning styles to meet these needs.  Our program supports the development of the whole child in the context of the social and cultural environment they grow up in.  Creative thought, social skills and independence are central aims for children’s learning and development at our kindergarten.  We value the many delightful and unexpected incidental learning opportunities that occur and follow these up as learning focuses.

At Helen Paul Kindergarten, we believe that a connection with the natural environment – through the use of natural materials/equipment, enticing outdoor spaces, living plants and creatures – supports children’s connection with their world.  It is important to us that the children are happy and have a love of learning.