3 Year old Program

Helen Paul Kindergarten’s 2019 three year old program will include two groups with up to 22 children per group, attending 5.5 hours a week.  The groups and times are:

2019 and 2020

Helen Paul Kinder will offer two separate groups:

Possums (5.5hrs/wk)
Monday             1.30pm -  4.00pm
Wednesday        8.30am –11.30am

Kookaburras (5.5hrs/wk)
Wednesday        1.00pm – 4.00pm
Friday                8.30am - 11.00am


The three year old program focuses on developing and nurturing the social and communication skills of each child, which include music, singing, dancing and dramatic play.  Activities such as play dough, finger painting, painting, collage, drawing, puzzles, building with blocks and outdoor play are designed to help develop fine and gross motor skills. Our teaching sessions are run by one teacher and two assistants.

Each term includes an incursion related to the children’s current interest such as a dress-up day or special event, such as footy day.

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