Helen Paul Kindergarten is a community kindergarten with a volunteer, parent run committee. You don’t need any special skills or qualifications to join, just a willingness to be involved and be a part of the Helen Paul community making a difference to your child’s opportunities and happiness at the kinder.

Benefits of joining

  • Get to know fellow parents by working together on a common goal
  • Foster your sense of community
  • Being a part of something meaningful and giving back
  • Investing in the kinder where your child attends and making sure it is well run
  • Getting a foot back in the door into a "workplace"
  • The mental stimulation of a new challenge and different type of work
  • Getting your preferred kinder group the year after you are on the committee

Your time

  • Monthly evening meetings at the Hampton Wine Co.
  • Additional required monthly time varies role to role.  Anywhere from 3 hours a month plus.
  • Some roles are able to be done at home on the computer. Some require more time spent at the kinder
  • All roles are flexible in nature

The roles

Click on the roles below to view more information:


2018 Status


Nomination Received


Nomination Received

Secretary/Public Officer


Secretary – Minutes



Nomination Received

Assistant Treasurer

Nomination Received

Marketing Officer


Purchasing Officer


Communications Officer

Nomination Received

Special Events Chair

Nomination Received

Special Events Committee 

2 roles available (3YO)

Grants Officer

Nomination Received

Special Projects Officer

Nomination Received

IT Officer


Policy Officer

Nomination Received

3 and 4 YO Program Enrolments Officer (2 roles)

Nomination Received (3YO)

Available (4YO)

3 and 4 YO Maintenance Officer (2 roles)

Available (3YO)

Nomination Received (4YO)

Possums, Kookaburras, Kangaroos and Emus Group Liaison Officer (4 x roles)


Register your interest

Email hpkpresident@gmail.com for more information or to nominate yourself for a role.

Visit us during Term 4 and add your name to the committee nomination board in the foyer.

Talk to our teachers.

Park Play: Join us in October for our welcome park play date and have a chat to current committee members.

Join our Annual General Meeting in November where roles will be finalised.