Helen Paul Kindergarten is a community kindergarten with a volunteer, parent-run committee. You don’t need any special skills or qualifications to join, just a willingness to be involved and be a part of the Helen Paul community making a difference to your child’s opportunities and happiness at the kinder.

Benefits of joining

  • Get to know fellow parents by working together on a common goal
  • Foster your sense of community
  • Being a part of something meaningful and giving back
  • Investing in the kinder where your child attends and making sure it is well run
  • Getting a foot back in the door into a "workplace"
  • The mental stimulation of a new challenge and different type of work
  • Getting your preferred kinder group the year after you are on the committee

Your time

  • Monthly evening meetings at the Hampton Wine Co., though many roles are not required to attend each meeting
  • Additional required monthly time varies role to role.  Anywhere from 3 hours a month plus.
  • Some roles are able to be done at home on the computer. Some require more time spent at the kinder
  • All roles are flexible in nature

The roles

Click on the roles below to view more information:


2019 Status


Nomination Received


Nomination Received


Secretary/Public Officer



Secretary – Minutes



Nomination Received

Assistant Treasurer



Marketing Officer


Purchasing Officer

Nomination Received  

Communications Officer

Nomination Received 

Special Events Chair



Special Events Committee 



Grants Officer



Special Projects Officer



IT Officer

Nomination Received 

Policy Officer

Nomination Received 

3 and 4 YO Program Enrolments Officer (2 roles)

Nomination Received (3YO)

Nomination Received (4YO)

3 and 4 YO Maintenance Officer (2 roles)

Available (3YO)

Nomination Received (4YO)


Possums, Kookaburras, Kangaroos and Emus Group Liaison Officer (4 x roles)

Possums - Nomination Received

Kookaburras - Available

Emus - Nomination Received

Kangaroos - Nomination Received

Register your interest

Email president@hpk.org.au for more information or to nominate yourself for a role.

Visit us during Term 4 and add your name to the committee nomination board in the foyer.

Talk to our teachers.

Park Play: Join us on Friday 19 October for our Welcome Park Play Date and have a chat with current committee members.

Join our Annual General Meeting on Monday 12 November where roles will be finalised.